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The company PaderSprinter operates the public transportation in the city of Paderborn, and has deployed 24 APSIS4all-enabled TVMs. In order to personalise them, you can choose among two modes of interaction: an APSIS4all card or a Mobile Web App on your smartphone.

How to get and use an APSIS4all card

  • 1. Register at the Personalisation Wizard, and let us know your needs and preferences. You can choose characteristics such as language, type of keyboard, date and time formats, text size and colour combinations, among others. Website image
  • 2. At the Personalisation Wizard you can also edit your APSIS4all favourites: stops, types of tickets, etc. as well as creating a nickname for each favourite you add to the list.
  • 3. Once you have finished the questionnaire, you can choose to receive your card at home or to pick it up at the PaderSprinter Service Center with an automatically-generated pickup code that you should print out.
  • 4. Just go to any of the Ticket Vending Machines, and touch the NFC logo with your new card. The screen interface will display automatically the menus and information as you wish. Enjoy it!

How to get and use the Mobile Web App

The PaderSprinter Mobile Web App for smartphone users is here! This web allows you to pre-select your trip and use favourites.

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Once you have selected your ticket, you will receive a QR code that you can scan in a TVM. You will just need to pay there and get your ticket from the machine.

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