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Personalisation of Public Digital Terminals for all

How to join in

APSIS4all currently has two pilots deployed in real environments:

  • In Spain, you can personalise more than 1000 "la Caixa" Punt Groc Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) located in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona (banking sector)
  • In Germany, you can personalise 24 PaderSprinter Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) scattered around the city of Paderborn (transport sector)

Enjoying a new way of interacting with these machines is easy. You just have to set your needs and preferences, and you will receive a contactless card. Once you touch the machine with the card, the interface will automatically change and the information will be displayed in the way you want. Moreover, in Germany you can even set your favourites and use them as a shortcut in the machines. You can find detailed information about how to obtain a card in Spain at the "Spanish Pilot" section, and in Germany at the "German Pilot" section

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