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02/29/2012Pilot site meeting in Barcelona

Ensuring interoperability and getting first trials ready

The first Spanish Pilot Site Meeting, hosted by la Caixa, was held in Barcelona. The main topic discussed was how to ensure the nteroperability of the APSIS4all solution beyond both pilot sites. A new data scheme proposed will hopefully provide interoperability, privacy and security. The APSIS4all project has started two standardization processes as a result of this meeting and in consultation with three different legal departments to verify the feasibility of the solution. This fosters the standardization processes, making future adoption of the APSIS4all solutions easier.

The first trials, testing the alpha version, were the other main topic of the meeting. Although the global strategy of user involvement was presented, the forthcoming User Advisory Board will verify the feasability of the APSIS4all approach together with the main barriers.

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